As well as traditional painting work, demand for the decoration of interior spaces with unusual designs and techniques is increasing. We offer a broad range of possibilities for an individual and harmonious home. By highlighting individual areas with strong, expressive colours or techniques, or by designing a room with atmospheric glazes, we realise your dream living spaces. Visit our showrooms and gather ideas! Your wishes, paired with our expertise, will lead to a whole new living experience.

We use “renewable” paints

With the new product line CapaGeo, Caparol has taken an important step towards harmonising paints and nature. Indoor paints in an almost unlimited variety of colours, and water soluble varnishes are the beginning of a resource- saving and thus sustainable family of products.

A growing world population and increasing standards of living mean that our resources are becoming ever more valuable. It is therefore sensible and forward-looking to reduce the use of fossil raw materials such as crude oil and natural gas in the products we use.

CapaGeo products offer premium quality without compromising on performance and processing. Thanks to the use of renewable raw materials, they are environmentally friendly and save resources.

Illustration painting

Along with graphic design, architecture and sculpture, painting is one of the fine arts. It is one of the oldest forms of art.

Order individual and personalised paintings and benefit from the direct contact with the artist. We produce your individual pictures in various different styles. All artworks are 100% hand-painted originals. Let us advise you!