The design of a façade plays a decisive role in the appearance of your house. Underlining the architectural construction style is an essential element of façade design. But not only must it harmonise optically. A façade must also satisfy other requirements, such as insulation and protection against the influences of the weather and the environment.Since there is no “general prescription” for the fresh plastering or renovation of a façade, a suitable concept must be developed for each type of building and façade.

Benefit from our many years of experience, which is supported additionally by our construction engineer Sven Mörsch from the specialist field of building renovation.Whether a façade painting, full thermal insulation, mesh final coat renovation or fresh plastering with a light flush-mounted system: We can support you adequately in all questions and work to be done, and will develop, with your cooperation, the optimum system for your property!We are proud that we can provide you with our own scaffolding. This allows us to react flexibly to customers’ wishes, and makes the planning of the construction work easier.



Balconies and patios are parts of a building that are under the most strain. Alternating weather influences and strong fluctuations in temperature place relentless stress on these structures. This constant strain often leads to sever water damage, the formation of large cracks, and progressive rusting. For safety reasons, older balconies and patios should therefore be tested regularly.

Plaster breaking off from the tops and undersides of balconies, and detaching balcony coverings, are often signs of defective or insufficient sealing.

Our competent balcony renovations guarantee the safety of balcony users, while also contributing significantly to maintaining or increasing the value of your property.




As well as traditional painting work, demand for the decoration of interior spaces with unusual designs and techniques is increasing. We offer a broad range of possibilities for an individual and harmonious home. By highlighting individual areas with strong, expressive colours or techniques, or by designing a room with atmospheric glazes, we realise your dream living spaces. Visit our showrooms and gather ideas! Your wishes, paired with our expertise, will lead to a whole new living experience.

We use “renewable” paints

With the new product line CapaGeo, Caparol has taken an important step towards harmonising paints and nature. Indoor paints in an almost unlimited variety of colours, and water soluble varnishes are the beginning of a resource- saving and thus sustainable family of products.

A growing world population and increasing standards of living mean that our resources are becoming ever more valuable. It is therefore sensible and forward-looking to reduce the use of fossil raw materials such as crude oil and natural gas in the products we use.CapaGeo products offer premium quality without compromising on performance and processing. Thanks to the use of renewable raw materials, they are environmentally friendly and save resources.

Illustration painting

Along with graphic design, architecture and sculpture, painting is one of the fine arts. It is one of the oldest forms of art.Order individual and personalised paintings and benefit from the direct contact with the artist. We produce your individual pictures in various different styles. All artworks are 100% hand-painted originals. Let us advise you!



A key part of almost all gardens or house entrances is the paving. Numerous type of stone with different characteristics are available on the market for paving.

We provide expert advice to our customers on the quality features of the materials. We help you to choose suitable materials, under consideration of the specific intended use and decorative paving wishes.



A new look, a modernisation, or replacing a bathtub with a shower. These days, a new bathrooms is a room for relaxation in a pleasant atmosphere. For us, bathroom renovation means realising your dreams with sanitary fittings from leading brands.

A barrier-free bathroom provides you with more comfort and avoids accidents, allowing you to enjoy your bathroom without any problems for many years, thanks to the well thought-out fittings, with a floor-level shower, handles, and entry aids.

These days, a bathroom renovation is not limited to mere repair and the covering of basic needs. Increasingly, a bathroom serves as a place of relaxation, and should be a wellness oasis for you. Thus the demands on a bathroom renovation have increased significantly.

Naturally, we offer you complete support, from the initial consultation regarding your ideas, to the planning and selection of materials and sanitary fittings, and then the implementation and approval. Complete bathroom renovation from one source.

We create your dream bathroom – individually, in accordance with your wishes.



It’s the little details, taken from draped curtains, finely coordinated cushions and harmonious accessories, which transform functional rooms into spaces for living. With craftsmanship and perfection, we implement your ideas and wishes to the highest standard. We offer holistic and competent advice concerning your interior design.

We supply curtains and decorative hangings, panel blinds, roller blinds, rods and rails, pleated blinds, sun protection systems for indoors, outdoor marquees and blinds.

To allow your “treasures” to once again radiate with their old freshness, we can upholster your seating – classically or modern, just as you wish.

As well as our key competence in the area of interior design, we offer additional services such as the expert cleaning of curtains, blinds, shades and pleats. Our service includes collection and of course rehanging.